Area Traffic Control

Reasons Why Your City May Need Area Traffic Control and Emergency Support Services

At United Towing & Recovery Services LTD., one of the services that we are proud to offer is area traffic control, also known as emergency support services. We are able to help out the community that we all live and work in when the area needs more help than the city has on hand. If you have never worked with traffic control companies near me, you may wonder why a city would need to hire this type of professional. Here are a few of the reasons why your city may need area traffic control and emergency support services.


Traffic Signals Have Gone Out


One of the most common reasons why cities call for traffic control companies near me is because traffic signals have gone out. Perhaps the power has gone out due to a storm, or a driver hit a transformer, causing the outage. Traffic signals help to control the flow of traffic better than stop signs, which can cause busy intersections to become backed up. Having someone out to direct traffic helps traffic to flow and reduces the likelihood of accidents. We can help you support the flow of traffic until you are able to get the lights back on.


There Is Road Construction


Another reason why you may need traffic control is because of road construction. You need to take steps to keep the road construction crew safe, as well as drivers safe. We can set up cones, lights and signs to let drivers know that they are entering a construction area. We can also help to control the flow of traffic, decreasing traffic delays. All in all, this helps to ensure everyone is kept safe during a road construction project.


There is an Emergency Situation


The final common reason why a city may need area traffic control is because there is an emergency situation. There may be a catastrophic accident that is blocking lanes and tying up traffic. A flooded road can also leave drivers wondering how deep the floor really is and whether they should risk driving through it. Lastly, icy roads can be dangerous and can quickly turn into a road hazard. No matter what the emergency situation is, we can help alert drivers to the problem and create a detour that helps to decrease traffic congestion and help people get to where they're going.


Whether there is road construction, traffic signals have gone out, or there is an emergency situation, we at United Towing & Recovery Services LTD. can help you with your emergency support services and area traffic control. Call us and let us help to keep drivers safe when the road conditions are not ideal.