Heavy Duty Recovery

Everything You Need to Know About Heavy Duty Recovery

One of the types of big truck wrecker service that many towing companies offer is called heavy duty recovery or heavy wrecker recovery. If you drive a heavy vehicle, such as a big rig or RV, you may encounter a time when you need heavy duty recovery. Here is everything that you may want to know about this big truck wrecker service.


What is Heavy Duty Recovery?


Heavy duty recover is the term given to any recovery of a heavy duty vehicle by a towing company or tow truck. A vehicle can be recovered from a garage or storage facility, from the side of the road, or after it has gone down a cliff. Anytime you need your heavy duty vehicle, such as a big rig, bus or RV towed from one location to another, it can be referred to as heavy duty recovery.


What Factors Can Complicate Heavy Wrecker Recovery?


In some cases, heavy wrecker recovery is fairly straightforward. Your car is on the side of the road or in a storage yard where it can easily be accessed and towed away. In other cases, it may be much more complicated to access and remove a heavy duty vehicle. One of the ways that heavy wrecker recovery can be challenging is when the surface is not even. Maybe your vehicle is in a ditch or down an embankment. Tight spaces can also complicate the recovery process, as a driver has to have some space to take your vehicle out and away. A vehicle that has flipped on its side also presents a challenge. Finally, less than ideal road conditions can complicate the recovery process. Wet or icy roads can make the roads slick, which makes the process a bit more challenging.


Why is it Important to Let a Tow Company Know You need Heavy Duty Recovery?


When you need to have heavy duty recovery, it is important to let the tow company know that they will be dealing with a heavy duty vehicle before they arrive. This ensures they bring not only the correct tow truck, but the correct equipment to help move your vehicle as well.


Here at United Towing & Recovery Services LTD., we offer different types of big truck wrecker service, including heavy duty recovery. We know that not every towing company out there offers services to those who have large or heavy vehicles, but we know that these vehicles often encounter problems, just like any other vehicle on the road. Whether your big vehicle has died on the roadways or been involved in an accident, we can recover the vehicle and get it to a mechanic or other location that you want. Call us now to have us come out to tow your vehicle.