The UNITED TOWING & RECOVERY SERVICES difference enables any member to drive with the confidence and knowledge that whenever or wherever you may require emergency assistance we'll be there to help. Whether you need basic services like changing a tire, having fuel delivered, battery boosting or other specialized assistance from our services listed below, you can feel at ease knowing that a UNITED TOWING & RECOVERY SERVICES  professional team member is as close as your phone.  We'll be ready to respond to your location with the priority service that is enjoyed by all members of our PREFERRED ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM.  


  • Why should I, my family members or my business become a PREFERRED ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE MEMBER?

No annual fees are required for sign-up.  Unlike other Roadside Assistance Programs that require membership fees to become a member, you only pay for services based on our standard rate schedule when services are actually required.

  • Will a member of the program receive first priority service?

Yes, we promise that you'll never be on hold for hours only to be told that service may not be available until the following day.  In most cases your call will be answered immediately by one of our trained knowledgeable call takers.  Our program is focused on building strong relationships with all of our customers and as a member of our PREFERRED ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM you will be recognized as a loyal customer and will receive first priority whenever you contact us for service(s).

  • Becoming a member of our program


It's actually quite simple.  To become a PREFERRED ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM member fill out the online form (, return to the home page of this website and click on the program button on the lower left or call us toll free at (866) 399-3333


There is no fee to become a member and your membership never expires





LIGHT DUTY TOWING is the most common service delivery requirement.  UNITED meets the needs of our many private, commercial and law enforcement customers through the use of an extensive fleet of late model flatdeck equipped units.  Every unit is configured with added seating for the safety, comfort and protection of our customers who may require safe passenger transportation from a breakdown or accident location.  


Accidents and collisions are an unfortunate and sometimes tragic fact of life.  UNITED has the most technologically advanced equipment operated by trained professionals to effectively and efficently meet the demanding needs associated with this type of service requirement.  From the simplest incident rendering a vehicle inoperative to the most complicated high speed collision, we have the expertise to safely clear a scene and remove the damaged vehicles to one of our strategically located impound storage facilities. 



Every day tens of thousands of commercial and recreational vehicles utilize  Canada's highways.  Inevitably, many of these units sustain mechanical failures or are involved in collisions that immobilize them and creates the need to get them to specific repair facilities.  UNITED has an extensive fleet of heavy duty tow units that can provide the services to relocate these units from locations of a breakdown or collision to the required repair facilities.  We provide both one way emergency response to the scene of a disablement as well as  two way services (swaps) where replacement vehicles are brought to the location to permit uninterrupted deliver of freight commodities.    



EXTREME RECOVERIES require extreme equipment and UNITED has every possible piece of specialized equipment to handle the toughest jobs.  Whether a recovery is complicated by environmental factors, difficult terrain and surroundings or extra ordinary weights, no request for service will ever be declined or left uncompleted.  Our fleet of state-of-the-art recovery wreckers can facilitate the safe and effecient recovery of the largest units travelling todays highways.  The technology of our heavy duty recovery units provides for quick clearance protocols during critical incidents reducing the extended delays associated highway closures. 


In the majority of commercial truck rollover collisions the cargo areas of the vehicles involved are loaded with freight and other commodities that weigh close to the maximum capacity of the trailers or cargo boxes.  These cargo weights are intended to be carried on the floors of the vehicles in which they are transported.  In a rollover collision the weight is transferred onto the walls or roof which are only enclosure mechanisms and not intended to bear weight.  Attempts to upright a loaded unit will detach the wall or roof from the superstructure of the trailer or box.  However, where the structural integrity of the trailer or box has not been compromised requiring off loading, air cushions can be utilized to upright the unit by providing support to the walls during uprighting and while assisted by heavy duty recovery wreckers.  The weight of  the commodity is returned to the load bearing floor of the unit which can then usually be removed from a scene while still loaded.  This protocol is particularly useful in eliminating the requirement to unload and reload in an uncontrolled environment where a replacement trailer would also be required.  UNITED TOWING SERVICES INC. operates an 8 bag air cushion system with a lifting capacity of 160,000 lbs.    


Every recovery scenario is uniquely different and can require a variety of  specialized  equipment and assets to efficiently and effectively meet the challenges  to complete the required operations.  UNITED TOWING SERVICES INC. operates SUPPORT UNITS to enable and provide for any possible consequence.  These units respond  to all criticall incidents to ensure the highest level of professionalism through the availability of the specialized equipment and assets that are routinely utilized during recovery operations.


Commercial vehicles that experience mechanical failures or that are involved in collisions are often loaded with freight commodities that are being transported on behalf of their customers.  The interruptions that result from these unexpected events create delays in the deliver of cargo much of which is time sensitive.  UNITED TOWING SERVICES INC. can assist In situations were a replacement power unit or truck is unavailable to continue the delivery obligations and complete the delivery of the freight.  We can provide replacement power units to deliver a loaded trailer and also provide replacement trailers in which to reload cargo that may be required to be unloaded from damaged trailers.      



Many high value vehicles and those that may be critically damaged or disabled cannot be towed in conventional manners.  For these type of requirements, UNITED TOWING SERVICES INC. operates and utilizes various equipment assets that provide for effortless and damage free transportion of vehicles, specialty units and equîpment.


Safety is the most important aspect of every function that UNITED TOWING SERVICES INC. performs in its day to day operations.  The safety of our customers, personnel and other users of the roadways we work on is paramount to the successful completion of each and every service delivery that we perform.  To ensure this safety, we operate EMERGENCY RESPONSE SAFETY UNITS to provide the highest level of safety and security.  These units routinely respond with our recovery technicans and recovery teams to all critical incident scenes where a variety of speed and other traffic safety control devices are deployed to establish and maintain safe work control zones.         


UNITED TOWING maintains Police approved secure storage facilities monitored by recorded video surveilance. These facilities are available for any requirement associated to vehicle storage including for commercial vehicles, trailers and cargo subjected to delivery interruption as the result of unexpected breakdowns or accidents.  Storage facilites are located throughout our service area network in Alberta and are available for short or long term requirements.   


Collisions and other critical incident events involving commercial vehicles almost always involves cargo or other products that are being transported.  Some form of remediation of these commodities is often required in conjunction with the recovery of the vehicle(s) involved.  UNITED TOWING has the expertise and capability to facilitate any requirements associated to cargo handling including unloading and reloading, cleanup, disposal, stabilization of load shifts and final destination delivery.