Storage Facilities

Car Recovery, Storage Facilities and Impound Storage: Learn More About These Lesser-Known Services

When you think of a towing company, you often think of towing services and emergency roadside assistance services. However, most towing companies offer more services than just those main services. Some of the additional services that they may offer includes car recovery, storage facilities and impound storage. Here is a little bit more information about some of the lesser-known services that towing companies may provide.


Car Recovery


One of the most common types of services that tow truck companies offer is car recovery. After an automobile accident, a vehicle may not be safe to drive. A car recovery company can recover the vehicle and take it to a mechanic or your home. They can recover cars that are in ditches, down embankments or that may have flipped over or onto their side when the accident occurred. Car recovery can also be done if you were injured and had to leave the accident scene via ambulance and could not drive your car away.


Storage Facilities


Another type of service that some towing companies offer is storage facilities. In some cases, you may have a car that is not working or needs to be repaired. Many apartment complexes, condo communities and communities governed by HOAs will not allow you to leave a wrecked or not driveable vehicle on the property. Your car could be towed or you could receive a fine. Tow companies will tow your vehicle and can store it at their lot while you wait to earn enough money to pay for vehicle repairs or work with the insurance company to schedule your insurance-covered repairs.


Impound Storage


The final type of service that some companies offer is impound storage. Cars may need to be impounded for a number of reasons. Cities often impound vehicles that are used in the commission of a crime. A car may also be impounded if the driver did not have a license, insurance or the car was not registered. Finally, a car may be impounded due to outstanding traffic or parking tickets. Many towing companies can tow away an impounded vehicle and then store the vehicle at their impound storage lot until the owner pays the fees that are needed to get the car out of impound.


At United Towing & Recovery Services LTD., we offer the services that you need to make your life easier, including car recovery, storage facilities and impound storage, in addition to common towing services and roadside assistance services. If you are in need of one of the services that we provide, reach out to us today to learn more about the service, the price we charge for the service or to schedule the service today.